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We are proud to be helping support the largest thank you card give away in Australia with 10,000 Melbourne-designed, Melbourne-made cards being given away


Yesterday, the newsXpress local retail group launched a national Thank You card give away in many of its member retail locations. If you buy 2 cards in many participating store, you are given a Thank You card (and envelope) valued at $6.99.

The card was designed and printed in Melbourne, using environmentally friendly treatments such as embossing and gold foil. This is a local campaign supporting local retail businesses. It helps people share appreciation, to share thanks. It is perfect card for these times.

We know from research that people tend to keep cards, meaning the appreciation recorded in the card lasts for years, decades. It becomes a keepsake, a wonderful memory, something toward the heart for years to come.

Tower Systems is helping with this campaign in a number of ways, from helping to track engagement to guiding the quantity of cards that could be given away based on store level sales analysis. Using our local retailer POS software, retailers are also able to offer subtle call outs reminding customers of the promotion, to put the opportunity of a free Thank You card in front of those who may not have seen it before.

The heart of the promotion is gratefulness. The giving of the free Thank You card at the counter, without asking for any customer details, makes it easy for people to have a way they can appreciate others, to share gratitude. That we can play even a small role in this makes us feel good.

To us, this free Thank You card promotion is a perfect local retail business promotion, a perfect way local retailers can show their difference.

POS software can feel and sound boring, mundane, when, in reality, it can be a glue helping local retail businesses spread love and good wishes. That’s what our software is being used for here. It really does many us feel good in our hearts.

While there is more we are doing to support this campaign than just what we have shared here, we note that it’s one of a range of social responsibility initiatives we have already engaged with this year. We love helping local retailers reach more people through socially engaged and heartfelt projects and campaigns.

Local small business retailers shine when connecting with their community. Giving a Thank You card to someone who has helped you is a wonderful way to nurture community connection.

Oh, and let’s say again, this free card is Melbourne designed and Melbourne printed. You can’t get more local than that!

By Mark
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