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POS software knowledge base expanded


Tower Systems has completed a thorough review of all online-accessible knowledge base articles, ensuring content readability, relevance and value.

The POS software customer service knowledge base is a wonderful and loved resource for the 3,000+ local retailers using the Tower Systems POS software. It is the living and evolving documentation of this software used across a range of specialty retail channels.

In addition to undertaking a thorough review, the company has added new topic articles, to offer a more complete POS software documentation solution. The new articles cover new facilities in the software, Shopify e-commerce integration advice and general retail business advice … and more.

Tracking knowledge base access and feedback has enabled the editors of the Tower systems POS software knowledge base resource to add even more value to this for local retailers.

Tower customers have been kept up to date with the progress of the knowledge base review and enhancement project through our weekly email comms, and their input has been sought to ensure that the changes to add value to the customer experience.

Tower Systems customers can access the knowledge base 24/7. They can review articles, leave feedback, and request new article topics. This engagement is part off what makes the knowledgeable valued and a living resource for Tower systems customers, our help desk and others more broadly.

Comparing POS software documentation can be a good way to compare POS software solutions, to see which works best, which is more suited to the needs of a business and which is more supported with customer service resources. We are happy to place our knowledge base resources alongside those for any other POS software, so that retailers considering us can also consider the documentation we provide to our customers.

Where possible in providing advice we take a numbered, step by step, approach. we have found this makes it easy for people learning new facilities. They like to know each step of the way, so that is how we write it – when appropriate.

For those who want, there is also personal training, human delivered training – specific to the needs of a business. This is complimentary to our written POS software documentations.

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