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Tower Systems: the Aussie POS software company offering easy to access human delivered support


We won another customer this week because of our easy to access human based support. Someone considering our software pretended to be a customer and called us, and we answered and had a conversation.

I can’t believe I got to speak with a human straight away. We laughed a little when they said that. Seriously, the company I used for my POS software now does not take calls. I have to log a ticket using their form, and then I have to wait for them to get back to me.

We understand that retail businesses can encounter challenges that need a response straight away.

Here at Tower Systems we make it easy for any of our customers to reach someone on our help desk, someone in management, or the leadership team – direct, live, and quickly.

Human contact is key in retail, and it is key in retail POS software support.

While our customers can send us an email, lodge a ticket or do other things they can easily call – we have state based contact numbers, a NZ toll free number as well as mobile numbers for direct and easy contact.

Big businesses structure themselves for consistent service of big volume and while that may work in some situations, when servile local small business retailers, specialty retailers, personal and direct human based support is key, and here at Tower Systems we understand that.

In our regular customer email we share direct contact details with our POS software customers:

Contact points and key information.

  • The BEST way to ask for support: log your query 24/7 direct at our website, where you can also search our knowledge base.
  • Help Desk Mon-Fri 7am – 6pm AEST and Sat. 7:30am to 3pm. 
    • VIC (and national): 03 9524 8000.
    • NSW: 02 8556 1600
    • QLD: 07 3136 6888
    • SA: 08 8121 3366
    • NZ: 0800 444 367 & from a mobile: 9281 1974
  • After hours support for SYSTEM DOWN: 0418 554 963 or 0419 842 334.
  • Email: for non-urgent questions.
  • Website:



If you feel we could have done better in a customer service situation: 
  1. Email with a subject of: Escalation.
  2. Please outline your concerns and provide as much detail as necessary. 
  3. If you have multiple points, please number each.
  4. Please name the Tower team members involved and reference any ticket numbers if applicable. 
Our Customer service manager will investigate and come back to you.
  • P1. System down. The most urgent call we can get. 
  • P2. Urgent. We will deal with the call ahead of all others except P1.
  • P3. Return call goal 4-6 business hours.
  • P4. Non urgent question. Goal of returning a call in 24 hours.
By Mark
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