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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

How important in Australian made POS software to Australian retail businesses and Australia more broadly?


Of course, we are biased. As an Australian POS software company we want to see Australian businesses thrive over overseas competitors, especially if their tax arrangements do a disservice to everyday Australians by minimising their contribution to government revenue.

But that aside, here is why we think Australian made POS software is important to local Australian retail; businesses and Australia more broadly

  1. Software is like storytelling. It helps retail businesses craft and serve their narrative. Local Aussie businesses craft and serve an Aussie narrative. Our software, being Australian made and supported, does this well, with focus. Software made overseas with have that focus – from simple terminology used through to retail strategic focus. retail is different country to country.
  2. Retail in Australia is different, especially small business local retail. Software from a big US company is less likely to have the focus a local retailer will want, less likely to care about that shop turning over $300K – $500K a year when the software company itself counts its revenue in hundreds of millions of dollars. Local retail is about personal service. here at Tower Systems where we only focus on local specialty retailers, we understand personal service too.
  3. Be heard. Retailers using the Tower Systems POS software have direct and easy access to our leadership team, to the top. It’s rare any POS software company offers this and even less so for big overseas POS software companies.
  4. Retail is changing. And, the nature of change and pace of change varies country to country. This further reinforces that the needs of Aussie retailers will vary to those of overseas retailers.
  5. Your voice matters. if you use software from a local Aussie software company you will matter more to them than if you use POS software from a massive overseas company. With the local company you can make suggestions that are more likely to make their way into the software.
  6. Local software companies support local skills development. Software programmers flourish from real world experience and there is nothing like a local Aussie software company for gaining this. We have seen this at Tower Systems many times over the years.
  7. Aussie taxes pay for education, health and infrastructure. Every dollar of revenue sent offshore diminishes the resources of federal and state governments.
  8. Because you care. If you want your shoppers to shop local, it starts with you and the purchase choice you make for your business.

We could go on since there are many reasons for local Aussie and Kiwi retail businesses to use local Aussie and Kiwi made and Aussie and Kiwi supported software in their businesses.

Tower Systems makes world-class specialty retail POS software for selected marketplaces. We are not offering POS software for everyone. If we’re not right for you, we will say so and wish you all the best. If we feel we are right for you, we will make an offer and 100% leave the choice to you to make, in your own time.

We are proud to be a local Aussie POS software company with our supported locally by people who understand d local Aussie and Kiwi retail.

By Mark
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