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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Friday advice for local small business retailers


Making POS software is one thing. Helping local small business retailers leverage this for success in their businesses is another.

Tower Systems does this every day by going beyond the usual POS software training, by providing context for why this or that is done, bu explaining the business reason for data points and how they may or may not serve the needs of a business.

The new Insights Dashboard released recently in our POS software is an example of merging our business advice and support with awesome POS software to provide local retailers with easy and ready access to visually represented data they can leverage.

Showing a retailer opportunities lost could make a massive difference in a retail business. 

The Tower Systems POS software does this. It shows what a shop could have achieved has they had access to the stock that might have sold.

Showing a retailer possible theft situations could be revealing.

Too often small business retailers don’t catch theft early because they do not want to see it, they do not what to, for a second, think it could happen to them.

What’s not working?!

Stand in your shop and look around and ask yourself that question, ask what’s not working. What you see could be constrained buy how you view your business, by what you want to see. Software will not edit what it sees. The Tower Systems Insights Dashboard shows good and bad, it shows the truth, revealing what you need to know about the business. The what’s not working tab is revealing to the businesses we tested it on. Some were truly shocked to discover what they did not know about their business.

Good retail management is about making the right decisions for a business at the right time. This needs to be done without emotion, without fear, without bias. There is where good POS software can play a role and where the new Insights Dashboard is a true help for local retail businesses.

So, what’s our Friday advice for local small business retailers? Use your software, work it, leverage it, feed of the insights it provides. Revel in the facts is provides access to and make business decisions based on these facts. Doing this, rem moving emotions and feelings from plenty of the decisions you make in your retail business will make a difference.

By Mark
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