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Garden centre software helps local Aussie garden centres serve their local community


Local garden centres play a vital role in helping locals feed their family, create gardens that attract and nurture bees and wildlife and add colour and delicious scents to the local surroundings.

Garden centres are places of learning and encouragement, wonderful places where we can discover so much and be encouraged to grow food that is delicious and healthy. They are vital to local communities.

Here at Tower Systems we make software for garden centres that helps them in their mission. We’re an Aussie POS software company making garden centre POS software for Aussie garden centres.

We gratefully serve large and small garden centres, in the city and country, in0-store as well as online. The diversity in our garden centre retailer community is considerable. But, all or customers are local businesses. We don’t sell to big corporations, massive operations. This local and small business focus has served us well for many years, helped us focus on needs more relevant to our customers.

Here are some of the garden centre specific benefits garden centre owners and managers tell us they love about our software:

  1. Repotting. As plants grow, so does their value. We help leverage this.
  2. Selling fractions of an item. For example, 1.5 metres of something.
  3. Selling by weight.
  4. Handling and tracking customer special orders.
  5. Easily offer plant care information on receipts.
  6. Hazardous goods management.
  7. Pricing model flexibility – allowing you to give discounts in flexible ways.
  8. Weatherproof labels.
  9. Marketing to customers based on purchases.
  10. Loading electronic invoices from suppliers.
  11. An automated link to Shopify, Magento and Woo including images.

Garden centres can rent our garden centre POS software for $185.00 a month. This offers them:

  1. Australian developed and supported garden centre POS software for garden centres.
  2. Unlimited computer licences for your location.
  3. Software updates as we release them.
  4. Easily sell online from your POS software. Shopify / Magento / Woo link.
  5. Xero link. Easing bookkeeping costs and streamlining accounting.
  6. Our OzBiz link. This helps you link to MYOB through OzBiz.
  7. Tyro link – safe, fast and easy EFTPOS link for streamlined sales.
  8. PC Eftpos link. This offers easy EFTPOS processing for the major banks.
  9. Easy buy now pay later options with Zip Pay and Humm.
  10. Support – help desk access.
  11. Training – unlimited one-on-one training over the phone.
  12. User documentation. Access to our searchable knowledge base.

This garden centre software continues to evolve, too, thanks to regular software updates. These updates are available to all customers with access included in the low rental cost.

Here are answers to some of the questions we have been asked about our Garden Centre Software over the years

When you are ready, we’d love to show you our Garden Centre Software and through that show you answers to other questions you have.

Can I sell products by weight with this software? Yes.

Can sell at fractional quantities? Yes.

Can I handle re-potting, a plant that is larger now is worth more than when it was smaller? Yes.

Do you have weatherproof labels for items outdoors? Yes.

Can I include plant care information on receipts? Yes.

Can the software handle selling products by colour and size? Yes.

Can you manage quotes? Yes, you can create quotes and then turn them into sales if they proceed.

I sometimes sell away from the shop at an event or on the road. Can the software do this? Yes, our Retailer RoamTM option manages selling from anywhere.

Does the software handle garden club member pricing? Yes, this can be a great marketing tool, getting local community group members support the business and fundraising at the same time.

Does the software track frequent shopper purchases, like what you see in coffee shops buy 9 and get your 10th free? Yes.

Can the software report on frequent shopper purchase items we give away, to get a supplier rebate? Yes.

Does the software have a loyalty facility? Yes, there are several options – you can choose the one that works best for your needs.

Does the software let me manage my own time-based catalogue pricing? Yes.

Can I sell gift cards for my business? Yes.

I buy products in bulk and re-bag them to retail size. Can the software handle this? Yes.

I buy several products in bulk to mix to create my own brand of feed. can the software handle this? Yes.

Does the software produce WAS / NOW price labels? Yes.

Can you reach out to customers based on past purchases?  Yes, you can select customers for marketing past on a range of criteria, including past purchases.

Does the system handle account customers? Yes, you can setup and manage customer accounts.

Does the system produce invoicing and statements? Yes, these can be printed or emailed.

Does the software connect with my website? We partner with Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce and offer direct links to these.

Can I email receipts? Yes.

Can I track where my customers come from? Yes.

Do I have to pay for software on additional computers in my business? No.

Can I connect with my EFTPOS terminal? Yes. We have a direct link to Tyro and through Linkly we connect to all major banks.

Can I use my existing hardware? Yes, as long as your hardware meets our minimum standards.

Can I use my existing data with the software? Yes. We’d like to check your data to be sure. We will advise what can be safely brought across.

Does it integrate with Xero? Yes.

This is a total package garden centre software rental solution including garden centre software, updates, help desk support, supplier invoice imports and knowledge base access.

There is no extra cost for more terminals, no fee based on transaction or sales volume, no high-cost EFTPOS rate.

To get you started, there is a comprehensive pre-installation data conversion and prep process, 2 full days of onboarding including one-on-one training, and first-time user priority support. This package is priced in addition to rental.

Tower Systems serves more than 3,000 local small business retailers in a range of specialty retail settings. This is our thing: helping local small business retailers thrive.

By Mark
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