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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Why locally made POS software is a better solution for local retailers


If you choose POS software for your business that is made overseas, sold by an overseas company or supported from overseas, how will that go when you want to talk with someone about your situation?

Local businesses, like local POS software companies, understand local needs. They have local context. they are more likely to be easily contacted. They serve your local business needs.

We had a customer recently contact us with a business question that was not directly related to our software. One off the folks in our company with recent retail experience was able to have a conversation with them, live and in the moment, that helped our customer make progress on an issue worrying them. This type of off-book service and help is what local POS software companies can do.

But, most of all, a local POS software company is likely to care more about your business and this is what matters most … that they care. caring flows from understanding.

No offshore POS software company can understand your needs or care about your business in the overall context of their business.

We had a customer switch to us last month because they were tired of their support queries not being responded to. They had to put each query in writing, which did not work if the query was urgent and business impacting.

Here at Tower Systems, we are local. Our customers can call us, email us, send a message through our website or contact us via the socials. We are here, real, contactable and accessible. We are also available to our customers through Zoom meetings and other group chat platforms – making ti easy for our customers to connect with us where it suits them the most.

Whole comparing software products is important, comparing the contact points and methods of contact are important. You need to go with a tech partner that can prove themselves as reliable in the way you need them to be. If could be that an overseas company ticks those boxes. The key is to know what you want and then go with the company that best serves your needs.

By Mark
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