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Charity shop op. shop POS software Q&A


While we serve many charity / op. shop retail stores in many different situations, we know this every shop is unique, with its own requirements. Our goal is to offer charity shop software that is as useful as possible, while being affordable for these tight budget businesses.

Here are answers to some of the questions we have been asked about our Charity / Op. Shop Software over the years.

When you are ready, we’d love to show you our Charity / Op. Shop Software and through that show you answers to other questions you have.

Does the software support community group member pricing? Yes.

We work on behalf of several local charities. Can we track purchases by their members as a fund raising tool? Yes.

We have a lot of volunteers, is the software easily learnt? Yes.

We report to a board, are there good checks and balances? Yes.

Do we have to barcode everything we sell? No.

So when we don’t sell by barcode how do we track what we sell? You decide the level of reporting you want and that determines the best sales tracking approach.

Can we compare the performance of different categories of what we sell? Yes.

Can we report on sales by product type so we can understand the categories that sell? Yes.

Does the software produce WAS / NOW price labels so we can show what something would cost in a regular store? Yes.

Our manager is off-site. Can they access the software from there? Yes.

Does the software support a loyalty program? Yes, there are several loyalty options that work in different situations from infrequent shopper visits to regular shopper visits.

Can we set a quantity purchase price for items? Yes.

Can we bundle items together, like into a hamper, and easily sell that? Yes.

Can the software handle tracking sales to group members to calculate a rebate for the group?Yes.

Can I include product care instructions on the receipt? Yes.

Does the software track where I have stored a box for an item? Yes.

Does the software handle LayBys? Yes.

Does the software connect with my website? We partner with Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce and offer direct links to these.

Can I email receipts? Yes.

Can I track where my customers come from? Yes.

Do I have to pay for software on additional computers in my business? No.

Can I connect with my EFTPOS terminal? Yes. We have a direct link to Tyro and through Linkly we connect to all major banks.

Can I use my existing hardware? Yes, as long as your hardware meets our minimum standards.

Can I use my existing data with the software? Yes. We’d like to check your data to be sure. We will advise what can be safely brought across.

Does it integrate with Xero? Yes.

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