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How our Aussie POS software company offers practical help to local community groups


Community enterprises, like Op. Shops, Charity Shops, Community Workshops, Community Garden centres and similar play vital and cherished roles in their local communities.

We make software that can help these Community Enterprises run more efficiently and, through this, provide better assistance to those they serve. Our charity and community group POS software can track sales, report on categories that sell and directly support those who may qualify for special pricing when shopping in the charity or community shop.

Our charity and community group and op. shop software does more than this.

While there is a cost for the software, we often discount this as well as the training cost to make the solution even more affordable.

We consider each situation on its merits and our circumstances at the time. Our goal is to help as much as we are able remembering that everyone who works in our business needs to be paid a fair wage for their work, and given that we have costs and overheads to be in business and do what we do.

Our charity shop software can be rented for $99 a month. This is a low price when compared to other POS software a charity shop may consider choosing. we have deliberately priced this at close to half our usual price for such software.

This is software that offers access to benefits like:

  1. Easy shopper loyalty.  While the software offers a loyalty points system, we have found the cash-off approach in our loyalty tools works better in local retail. People understand money. A receipt showing an amount they can save on their next purchase gets, usually, at least 20% of people spending more that visit.
  2. Manage inventory your way. You can sell by barcode, products code, department, category within department, price point. You can sell, measure and report at the level point appropriate to your needs.
  3. Easy to learn. We have found that in community enterprises easy to learn / easy to use really does matter. Volunteer turnover makes this essential. We can record training specific to your needs and make these videos available for future volunteers.
  4. Secure. You can lock down parts of the software to secure them for management access only.
  5. Check and balances. This software guides processes. It also provides hidden tracking so you can investigate should the need arise.
  6. Club / group marketing and support. Leverage clubs and community groups with offers and pricing just for them.

Our Australian made and supported charity / op. shop POS software does much more than what’s on this list tho.

There is a training and setup cost, which we also consider before settling on a price for a charity or community group.

We genuinely try and make the cost for accessing our charity and community group software as low as possible without cutting the services provided.

By Mark
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