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The importance of POS software data backup in local small business retail


Our advice to retailers using our Tower Systems POS software is to backup every day, ideally at the end of the day.

We recommend to our customers that they use a cloud backup service that undertakes the backup, in the background, perpetually. We offer this type of service. We are equally happy with any other commercial cloud backup service.

Cloud backup is ideal because you don’t have to think about it, it’s offsite and onsite, it offers options as to the restore, it’s fast.

How our customers backup is 100% up to them.

The problem is, some don’t backup and as these things go, their realise the cost of not backing up when they need a recent backup the most.

So, we regularly remind our customers about the need to backup and we do this by sharing stories about businesses that did not backup and they cost to them of failing to to this vital and regular thing for their business.

POS software data backup should be daily as up to date backup data is critical to the ability to recover from anything.

Any business not backing up could suffer from a range of impacts by the lack of access to a recent data backup, including:

  • Wrong decisions based on gaps in business data.
  • Lower price achieved when selling the business due to gaps in data or no historical data.
  • More theft because of lack of evidence available.

The negative impacts of not backing up POS software data go beyond these, too, as because data is an asset and any loss of assets within a business comes at costs often not discovered at the time.

By moving to a cloud based backup solution, retailers are able to provide certainty as to data access and accuracy, and this brings peace of mind for a small cost to the business.

How and when any local retail business backs up POS software depends on how they view data. If they view it as an asset, the business benefits and those who rely on the business benefit. If they do not view data s an asset, then the business suffers.

Our advice here at Tower Systems is that any local retail; business should backup POS software data daily.

By Mark
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