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Epos Now compared to Tower Systems POS software


Epos Now is a British software company selling its Epos Now POS software product in Australia. We come across them a bit with retailers comparing their POS software with our Tower Systems POS software.

There is a big difference in POS software from Tower Systems compared to Epos Now.

Epos Now makes out that they are low cost, when a comparison shows that may not be the case, certainly compared to Tower Systems.

Let’s compare the Epos Now cost of $139.00 a month with the Tower Systems cost of $159.00 a month.

From what we can tell on the Epos Now website today, a gift shop, for example, would see you have to pay extra for additional terminals, Get is not included in their price, you have a lock-in 2 year contract, support is provided out of the UK, support is Monday to Friday and in office hours. It appears you use their EFTPOS processing at a cost of 1.2% of transaction value. We saw this on their website.

Compare even these basic details with the Tower Systems POS solution for the same gift shop the cost is $159 a month, Get inclusive, no lock in contract, no extra cost for additional terminals, genuine 24/7 support, including weekend support. With Tower you can choose your own EFTPOS partner and Tower has plenty of customers on a deal it negotiated at 0.75% of transaction value.

On the EFTPOS cost comparison alone, unless we are missing something, Epos Now looks expensive. If we’re wrong on that, please contact us.

The Tower software also includes, at no extra cost, terrific loyalty options, advanced reporting, sell by fractions, sell by weight, integration with Xero, Integration with Shopify, and more.

If you are Aussie retailer and you want your customers to shop local you will appreciate the value of local in your business.

Tower Systems in an Aussie company offering software developed here in Australia and supported here in Australia. Partnering with us is a strong message for the shop local engaged.

Plus, Tower Systems offers local Aussie retailers free and easy access to a local marketplace through which your shop can be found by people searching for items you sell.

So, which is better for your business, Tower Systems or Epos Now? Only you can make that decision. start by looking at both software products. be sure of what matters to you and your business. be sure of the value you want from your POS software choice.

Compare like for like. Ask lots of questions. get the answers in writing. be sure to get the true total cost of running the software in writing too.

Get a thorough personal demonstration. This extra work you put in before you make your decision will ensure that the decision you do make is more valuable for you and for your retail business.

Here at Tower Systems we offer personal one-on-one demonstrations. We record them and give you a copy of the recording so you can share with your colleagues.

And, if you are still not sure, be sure to understand for certain whether you can stop using there software without penalty or payout at any time. With Tower Systems there is no lock in contract. You can sign up today, use it for a few weeks and then stop. rental is paid every month.

By Mark
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