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November special offer from Tower Systems: free barcode scanner and free receipt printer


Retailers installing any new POS system often find that they need a new receipt printer and a new barcode scanner. These two hard working devices bear the brunt of physical activity at the sales counter in any store.

To help retailers who need to upgrade, Tower Systems early this month launched a November special.

If you sign up for our specialty retail POS software for gift shops, jewellers, bike shops, toy shops, garden centres, produce stores, sewing shops, bookshops, firearms dealers, doll shops, newsagents, fishing and outdoors shops, pet shops, music shops and more in November, we will give you a Honeywell 1472g 2D Scanner and a Element RW973 MKII Thermal Receipt Printer FREE.

This offer runs to November 30, 2022. Call 1300 662 957 to speak to one of our specialty retail specialists or email Or, visit our YouTube channel for demonstrations of the various POS software solutions we offer.

Here’s more about the two free gifts we have for you:

Honeywell 1472g 2D Scanner

Durable, Highly Accurate 2D Cordless Scanner. Designed for in-store retail environments requiring a highly accurate 2D scanning solution in a durable form factor the Voyager™ Extreme Performance (XP) 1472g cordless scanner delivers industry-leading scanning capability on traditional barcodes and digital screens – even on damaged and difficult-to-read codes. It works with regular barcodes and QR codes.

Element RW973 MKII Thermal Receipt Printer
High printing speed up to 300mm/s. Default USB interface, with RS232 and Ethernet. Supports 80mm wide thermal paper.

If you sign up before November 30, 2022 and install by December 31, 2022, these two pieces of new hardware are yours free. This is a Tower Systems exclusive opportunity. This offer cannot be used with any other discount offer.

The other point of this offer is top draw attention to the importance of fit for purpose peripheral devices to enable you to get the most out of your POS software. And even though there is a transition to digital receipts, printed receipts still play a vital role in plenty of retail businesses.

This special offer has been out now for ten days and already we can declare it a hit with retailers telling us they appreciate the opportunity.

While retailers choose Tower Systems for the POS software and the support it comes with, it’s offers like this that provide an icing on the cake opportunity.

We are grateful to our hardware supplier friends for partnering with us on offers that enable us to help local small business retailers save money on quality hardware.

By Mark
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