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Small business retail advice: loyalty points are out of date and misunderstood, it’s time for change


While the majority of retailers run with loyalty programs that accrue points / charms and similar of dubious value, Tower Systems POS software customers can offer $$$ off.

Okay, we support loyalty points for those who want that. But, tons of our customers use our fresh approach to loyalty, and they love it for the  shopper engagement it nurtures.

The discount vouchers (that’s what we call it but you can call it what you like) from the Tower Systems POS software work. In garden centres, jewellers, bike shops, newsagents, toy shops, pet shops, produce stores, stockfeed businesses, firearms businesses and more, the vouchers are bringing shoppers back and guiding them to spend more.

The vouchers are a positive game changer for retailers, a differentiator that are making a terrific difference in businesses competing with others stuck in the world of old-school loyalty through points.

How do we know?

Retailers tell us. Retailers call and email us saying thank you for the voucher facilities in the software and the business implementation training that helps them leverage the vouchers to incremental revenue for the business.

Plus, we use this ourselves in busy shops that we run.

This fresh loyalty solution is a bankable facility, one that is adding genuine value to retail businesses.

Every retailer has the capacity, through the Tower Systems POS software, to set their own rules around how the discount vouchers work and are used. They can turn them on and off at will and immediately.

They can drive engagement by product type and even by customer type. The flexibility is tremendous and the levers in the POS software powerful and valuable.

Yes, this is business differentiating POS software. The results are bankable.

Using the vouchers small business retailers competing with big businesses can expect shopper loyalty to increase as they appreciate the value of an amount they understand. We hear about this regularly from customers.

Customers love that they do not have to download an app or sign up for an account to start accruing value on vouchers. They love the simplicity, ease and speed of how the vouchers work. These are keys to success for the business too.

The discount vouchers work across age groups too. Young and old love them and understand them. This is another key of their success.

If your retail business is in a challenging competitive situation, the discount vouchers could be the game changer you need to break out as the business people return to again and again for the way you appreciate their business.

Take a look for yourself, the Tower Systems POS software is packed with business building benefits you can leverage.

By Mark
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