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The loyalty program that shoppers and retailers BOTH love


There are loyalty programs and then there are loyalty programs that actually work for both shoppers and retailers. And, yes, we have a conflict because we offer this type of loyalty program in our small business focussed POS software.

But, first, we also offer the traditional points based loyalty. Yes, it’s what most have. It’s old. People love it. But, what’s a point really worth? No one knows.

In our small business focussed POS software we offer another loyalty program, in addition to points. This is a smart program, one that helps retailers and customers benefit through mutual support and assistance.

In the current economic situation with shrill news reports about interest, rent and inflation, our loyalty program alternative helps shoppers save money and retailers attract more shoppers than usual. It’s a money maker for both, a differentiator, and real win!

They key to the success of our loyalty program loved by shoppers and retailers is that the reward is shown in money, currency, the amount available for people to spend in the shop. You can look at the voucher and know immediately the amount you have available as a reward. If you see 150 points it is likely you have no idea what they are worth whereas when you see $4.50 you know it is worth $4.50.

Our smart POS software works out the reward amount based on what you tell it. You are in control at all times and can make immediate adjustments. Setup can be done in a couple of minutes. Then, you have access to excellent reports that show how shoppers are using the loyalty program. Nothing to spend. Nothing else to do other than engaged with shoppers.

Discount vouchers genuinely differentiate your business.

  • You name the voucher anything you like and can change this at any time.
  • You set the rules on how the value of the voucher is calculated.
  • You set the rules on what the voucher can be redeemed for.
  • You set the rules on expiry dates.

Male shoppers are more likely to spend the voucher immediately and many customers use the voucher to purchase items more expensive than the items in the initial purchase made. Customers see the voucher as cash, often commenting that they like the direct approach better than a points-based system. They like the transparency and simplicity.

This loyalty program can help you:

  • Get customers spending more in a visit.
  • Bring existing customers back sooner.
  • Attract new shoppers to your business.
  • Drive impulse purchases at the sales counter.

All of this is about a win win – for customers and for local retail business owners. Since 2013 this loyalty program has been in good and wide use, and loved.

By Mark
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