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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

New Zealand retailers help make our POS software better


Tower Systems is grateful to already serve many local specialty retailers in New Zealand, up and down the country.

These New Zealand based retailers cover the retail specialty areas of bike shops, jewellers, garden centres, pet shops, gift shops and more.

They use the Tower Systems POS software much in the way any retailer does, but there is a difference in NZ retail. It is more local, more engaged and more complete in their use of tools in our software to run more enjoyable businesses.

We are thankful to our New Zealand based POS software customers for their advice, and for their active participation in the constant evolution of our POS software.

From online POS software user meetings to local New Zealand user meet-ups, to trade show catch-ups (like the Auckland gift fair next week), to one on one contact, we offer many connection opportunities with retailers using our POS software.

And while we are an Australian company, our service of our NZ retailer customers is the same as it is everywhere. This is thanks to our extended operating hours and the comprehensive kit of resources we offer our POS software customers for learning, suggesting enhancements and  connecting with our help desk team.

Across plenty of our specialty retail channels we serve New Zealand customers. These include: charity and thrift shops, garden centres, bike shops, toy shops, gift shops, jewellers, farm supply businesses, repairs businesses, magazine retailers, pet shops and more. Versions of our POS software are tuned for these types of businesses.

We have done New Zealand specific integrations to enable our POS software to better serve New Zealand business needs. The Smart Pay EFTPOS integration was one such project. This was delivered free to our customers once we passed the rigorous certification and in-field testing. There are other examples like this – New Zealand retailer let integrations with our POS software.

Our New Zealand customers have toll free access to our help desk and support services. Training is delivered at no telephone costs too – making it easy and low cost to access us when you need help or assistance.

Tower Systems is committed to the New Zealand marketplace. We are thankful to have served local retailer customers for more than 20 years and appreciate that we serve more customers now in early 2023 than we did in 2022.

Across at our Tower Systems POS software YouTube channel you can see more about what we offer, and how we serve our customers. You can also see recent demonstrations of our software. You’ll note that we offer easy access to these demonstrations of our POS software without capturing your retailers. That is an example of the transparency we offer.

We’re a no pressure POS software company. Take your time. Research various POS software solutions. Compare what you want and need with what we do. We will be here to help when you are ready.

Ours is not a company of computer geeks using tech-speak. No, most of us have retail experience.

Our training is one on one. This is backed by a wonderful up-to-date video training library.

Our help desk offers real human-based help, so you get the most from our software tools.

Our business advice and mentoring is available at your call to help you see new opportunities in your business.

But this is not about us, it’s about you and what you want from your business.

We help retailers turn around their businesses by saving time and by providing access to accurate data to guide better quality business decisions.

The ultimate goal is that when you come to sell your business you get a better price because of the money it’s making and the ease with which the business can be run.

Using g our POS software you can leverage benefits including:

  • Attract new shoppers. We have several smart loyalty options that help drive word of mouth and word of mouth drives new traffic.
  • Increase sales. We show you what to put with what, what smart product adjacencies get shoppers spending more. Front-end loyalty helps get today’s shopper buying more today. Getting rid of dead stock and buying what actually sells helps drive sales. Employee sales tracking helps you coach employees better.
  • Reduce costs. Tracking sales by time helps you create a more cost-effective roster. Making less stock buying mistakes reduces costs. Streamlining the sales counter, credit card processing, Lay-By, customer accounts, product pricing and product reordering can cut labor costs and cut management time.
  • Make your business worth more. New business purchasers want a business that is easy to run. We can help make your business easy to run. They also want a business that is successful. We will help you drive your success.

We have been helping retailers for many years and are grateful to serve more than 3,000 today.

By Mark
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