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POS software ChatGPT OpenAI integration saves retailers time


Early this month, Tower Systems released new software for retailers offering an integration to ChatGPT from OpenAI, the world leading AI tool.

In this first cut of AI integration in local small business POS software, using the optional integration, ChatGPT can generate for extended product descriptions and web descriptions. This is based on the product title that you enter. We have tested it with a range of products. It is a significant time saver.

Retailers who want to type their own descriptions can. The integration is for those looking for product descriptions likely to capture the attention of shoppers, especially those shopping online.

AI is impacting business is many ways, faster now than a few months ago, and it will be faster in a few months than today. Every business will be impacted, whether they know it or not.

While publicly the stories have been about ChatGPT doing homework or passing exams or writing blog posts, there are plenty of smarter business-case uses, like what we have done here.

The Tower software development team has more AI integration options being prepared as this technology offers many business benefits.

There is considerable debate about AI and its use. “We don’t see our job as being a controller of access. We build tools and right now this is a tool more businesses want to play with. Hence, this integration.Mark Fletcher CEO of Tower Systems commented.

“It’s important that we provide retailers with tools they can use to be more efficient, more competitive. AI offers such tools in a rapidly changing retail landscape.”

Also included in this new version of the Tower POS software is new business insights and management tools targeted for retailers keen to grow their businesses. One insight helping retailers is: what am I missing out on?

By tracking product supply and sales history, the Tower POS software is able to quantify the cost of out of stock situations, guiding retailers to address gaps or bumps in their inventory supply chain.

In a trial of this tech the software identified several thousand dollars in certain revenue one retailer could have achieved had they had stock in-store of easily accessible products. Having a hassle free tech prompt to ensure smooth sales can be a money maker for retailers.

Tower Systems serves thousands of local retailers with POS software.

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