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MYOB Retail Manager POS software alternative


We are grateful to welcome more MYOB Retail Manager POS software customers switching to our Tower Systems POS software.

While we have welcomes MYOB Retail Manager customers for years, more are joining our POS software community.

Here at Tower Systems we make POS software for local specialty retailers.

Comparing our POS software toy MYOB Retail Manager you will see differences. We are happy to provide a comprehensive demonstration to anyone, without obligation, so you can dive deep to see if our POS software is a good alternative to MYOB Retail Manager.

In fact, we recommend a personal demonstration as the best way to assess what is best for your business.

Here is what you can expect from us as supplier of POS software to your retail business:

  • Easy access to personal one-on-one training in our POS software.
  • Regular POS software updates, which go through thorough in house testing prior to beta release to a community of users who test in the field for us and for our customers.
  • POS software update content that is often guided by customer requests.
  • Easy access to our help desk experts. They are all local. They all work for us. They all have years of experience in our software. Many have retail experience too.
  • Easy access to fresh training videos so you can learn to use this POS software at your own pace.
  • Easy access to a knowledge base of more than. 600 articles that offer step by step guidance on how to use the software.
  • EFTPOS integration to the bank of your choice.
  • Access to the growing online marketplace for free – helping attract new shoppers into your shop.
  • Easy access to our leadership team – yes, you can directly speak with our key decision makers direct.
  • Easy access to our Zoom based customer meetings where you learn tips and techniques and get to ask the questions that matter to you.
  • Secure access to our exclusive Theft Check service where we dive deep into your transactional data to see if there is evidence of possible employee fraud.
  • Access to our private Facebook group where you can easily talk with other Tower Systems customers.

Every Tower Systems customer has access to these benefits and plenty more.

We respect MYOB Retail Manager and the role it has played in helping many retailers run their businesses. If you feel it may be time to make a switch, Tower Systems is here for you. We don’t know if we have the best MYOB Retail Manager alternative software for you, but we will show you what we offer so you can make that assessment for yourself.

Today we serve more than 3,000 locally owned and run POS software solutions in a variety of specialty retail channels. While we have been growing our business since 1981, the POS software that we offer today is very different to where we started.

Our underlying technology is fresh and efficient. Our software is entirely developed by us, here, in-house. And, we are grateful to say that our support is all provided by us too.

If you are using MYOB Retail Manager and considering switching our advice is that you let them know in case they have a solution for any concerns you may have. Sometimes, staying with what you have is a better solution than switching.

If you are committed to switching, make a list of what you do and don’t want from your next POS software and the company providing this. Do this before you start looking.

Here at Tower Systems we’re a no pressure POS software company. We’d love to find out about your needs, show you our software and leave you be while you consider. take your time. When you need us we will be here, in person, ourselves – and not through an offshore call centre.

Our service is personal. Call us, and a human answers. Visit our head office, and we’ll welcome you in for a chat. Email us, and we will respond.

Check us out:

  • Website:
  • Sales team: or 1300 662 957
  • Our Managing Director: 0418 321 338

Thanks for reading. Have an awesome Thursday!

PS. We only engage with local small business retailers. That is our area of specialisation. This ensures we are committed to serving local business needs and not the needs if a large corporate customer over the needs of a local small business retailer.

By Mark
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