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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Alternative to Lightspeed POS software


If you are looking for an alternative to Lightspeed POS software, Tower Systems may be worth considering.

We serve 3,000+ local small business retailers in a variety of specialty retail channels. We only serve local small business retailers. Every one of our customers is as important as the other.

There is no big business dominating what we do.

Also, being locally owned, decisions we make serve our customers as we know that serving them helps us grow. We are not serving share price growth for a large corporation.

But back to considering an alternative to Lightspeed POS, the best way is to be sure of what you want first. Why are you looking for an alternative to Lightspeed POS. When you look at other POS solutions, start there, start with what you want that is different to Lightspeed POS.

Having welcomed businesses looking for an alternative to Lightspeed POS software we have some headline notes about Tower Systems that may be of interest:

  • We’re human. Contact us by phone, email or in person (yes, come visit us in Hawthorn Victoria) and a human responds, and we use our real names.
  • We don’t outsource our help desk. They are all our people, serving only local small business retailers.
  • Our POS software integrates with all the banks including CBA – Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, NAB – National Australia Bank, ANZ, Tyro, Suncorp, Bendigo Bank and more.
  • Link direct to Zero for no extra cost. We are a Xero partner.
  • Link direct to Shopify, Big Commerce, WooCommerce, Magento for online sales. For no extra cost.
  • No extra cost for additional POS terminals.
  • No extra cost for marketing and loyalty tools.
  • No extra cost for business performance insights.
  • Direct human contact for support.
  • You control when your POS software is updated.
  • Easy access to free training.

if you are looking for a Lightspeed POS software alternative, the team at Tower Systems will be keen to learn of what matters to you and to show what Tower Systems offers.

Here are some other benefits of the Tower Systems POS software:

  1. Comprehensive stock management, including unique details.
  2. Club pricing: Helps you attract community group members.
  3. BOGO: Increase sales with buy this and get that bundling.
  4. Warranty: Track details and leverage this for customer service.
  5. Sell anywhere: Using our Retailer RoamTM sell anywhere app.
  6. Seasonal reordering: Reorder inventory based on seasonal sales.

Using this software for local small business retailers have access to:

  • Loyalty facilities through which you can genuinely differentiate your business, … shoppers respond to the levers you can pull.
  • Sell online, easily. Our Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento and WooCommerce integrations are seamless, official and easy to use and manage.
  • Special orders: sell in advance of having physical stock to sell.
  • Repair facilities through which you can track and manage repairs.
  • Secondhand goods. Easy accurate record keeping.
  • Colour / size / style: smart and efficient inventory tracking.
  • Event marketing through which you can create contact lists of customers based on anniversary, birthday and other life event dates.

The rental can be cancelled at any time. There is no annual payment.

Is Tower Systems a good alternative to Lightspeed POS software? We don’t know. Only you can know that for your business. We will show you everything you want. But the decision is yours to make, in your own time.

Here at Tower Systems we’re a no pressure POS software company. We’d love to find out about your needs, show you our software and leave you be while you consider. take your time. When you need us we will be here, in person, ourselves – and not through an offshore call centre.

Our service is personal. Call us, and a human answers. Visit our head office, and we’ll welcome you in for a chat. Email us, and we will respond.

Check us out:

  • Website:
  • Sales team: or 1300 662 957
  • Our Managing Director: 0418 321 338

Thanks for reading. Have an awesome Saturday!

By Mark
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