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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

An alternative to Epos Now software from Tower Systems


Tower Systems is an Aussie POS software company that offers a POS software alternative to the Epos Now POS software.

If you are looking for an alternative to Epos Now software, take a moment to consider the Tower Systems alternative. We do not know Epos Now software and have not used it ourselves in our own shops. But we do know our Tower Systems POS software and we have used that in our own shops.

Tower Systems today serves more than 3,000 retailers with POS software and, yes, some of those have switched from Epos Now after looking for an Epos Now alternative.

If you are looking for an alternative to Epos Now, take the time to note down what you want and what you do not want. Do this before you look at any alternative./ be sure of these things and firm in lines you will not cross. It is an important decision and it is better for you and your business if you are truly sure about what you want and do not want.

Switching software is time consuming in terms of the data and the learning. You want to be sure it is right. We will not pressure you at all. We want you to make any decision to switch from Epos Now to be what you want and in the timing of your choice.

Here’s a bit about Tower Systems, our software and how we do business.

  • We’re an Aussie POS company offering support from our own help desk team here in Australia.
  • The terms used in our software are Aussie terms.
  • There is no lock-in contract. It’s month to month. You can cancel at any time.
  • Cancelling is very easy. No fine print. No hoops to jump through.
  • For support you can call our office, email us or use the services accessible through our website.
  • Our POS software is updated regularly, usually at least 3 times a year. You can choose whether to update or not.
  • Plenty of POS software update content is drawn from user suggestions.
  • You have access to free training videos.
  • You have access to an awesome knowledgeable with up to date training and advice on how to use the software
  • Our live human based help desk operates 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 7:30am to 3pm Saturday.
  • You can use your own hardware.
  • There is no extra cost for extra terminals.
  • There is no extra cost to link to Shopify, Big Commerce, WooCommerce or Magento.
  • There is no extra cost to link to Xero.
  • There is lobo lock-in requirement for integrated EFTPOS service. Choose what’s best for you.

It is important to us that retailers choose the POS software that best serves their needs as that choice is the one that will benefit them the most in the long term. The cheapest POS software may not benefit them the most in the long term, it may cost them more.

If these things matter to you, it may be that Tower Systems is a good alternative to Epos Now. Take your time, check us out.

Now, in terms of our software itself …

  1. Easy stock management, including stone details.
  2. Awesome loyalty tools.
  3. Wonderful business insights.
  4. Club pricing: Helps you attract community group members.
  5. BOGO: Increase sales with buy this and get that bundling.
  6. Warranty: Track details and leverage this for customer service.
  7. Sell anywhere: Using our Retailer RoamTM sell anywhere app.
  8. Seasonal reordering: Reorder inventory based on seasonal sales.

Using this software, you have access to:

  • Sell by fractions.
  • Sell online, easily. Our Shopify integration is seamless, official and easy to use and manage.
  • Special orders: sell in advance of having physical stock to sell.
  • Repair facilities through which you can track and manage repairs.
  • Secondhand goods. Easy accurate record keeping.
  • Colour / size / style: smart and efficient inventory tracking.
  • Event marketing through which you can create contact lists of customers based on anniversary, birthday and other life event dates.

The rental can be cancelled at any time. There is no annual payment.

Our service is personal. Call us, and a human answers. Visit our head office, and we’ll welcome you in for a chat. Email us, and we will respond.

Check us out:

  • Website:
  • Sales team: or 1300 662 957
  • Our Managing Director: 0418 321 338

Thanks for reading. Have an awesome Sunday!

PS. We only engage with local small business retailers. That is our area of specialisation. This ensures we are committed to serving local business needs and not the needs if a large corporate customer over the needs of a local small business retailer.

By Mark
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