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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Software made for local clothing and apparel shops saves time and guides good business decisions


There was a time when the only software clothing shops could use was expensive and cumbersome, made for big businesses, retail chains, software packed with ERP tools and workflow management.

We know that local clothing shops, small business clothing shops, want an easy way to manage stock by colour size and style, a successful way to report on sales by fashion brand, a certain way to track seasonal sales and a way they can trust to bring shoppers back.

The Fashion retail POS software from Tower Systems is designed to help local clothing shops do these things and more. This is software made only for local clothing shops, software designed to equip them for competition.

And, at $185 a month, this POS software for clothing shops is affordable. There is no lock in contract. This is software with facilities clothing retailers tell us they want:

  • Colour, size and style: Easily track sales at a granular level by these variants.
  • Tracking sales by brand. This is in addition to suppliers and other reporting points.
  • Quickly identify what’s working and what’s not working.
  • Community group pricing: Helps you attract community group members.
  • Repairs: If you do alterations, this helps manage that for you.
  • Bundle pricing: easily put a package together to encourage value shoppers.
  • LayBys. While we offer Afterpay and Zip, old fashioned LayBy is growing again.
  • Bring them back: Market to shoppers based on past purchases.
  • Sell anytime: With our Shopify / Big Commerce / Magento / Woo integrations.
  • Awesome loyalty: Guide them to spend more.
  • Seasonal reordering: Reorder inventory based on seasonal sales.

Made and supported by Tower Systems, this fashion shop POS software is feature rich and designed to equip local cloths shops to perform well. It’s packed with fresh tech to save time and offer opportunities:

  • ChatGPT AI integration for better product descriptions. This is a free optional feature.
  • Auto removal of image backgrounds for a better online experience.
  • International barcode look-up to auto fill inventory data points if you sell products that are also overseas.

These facilities and more a designed to help nurture data consistency, which is key to repeatable success in any business.

Tower Systems is grateful to help local fashion businesses thrive. We don’t sell to chains or big businesses. We love local and small as that is where we find and appreciate community.

By Mark
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