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Tower Systems Bookshop POS Software: Helping Local Bookshops Thrive


The locally made and supported bookshop POS software from Tower Systems helps local bookshops in a bunch of ways, from the sales counter to the back office to a POS software connected  website that drives online sales. But there are two ways in particular where our software provides practical and beneficial help to local bookshops:

  • Returns management. Returning unsold books can be a time-consuming task. But with our bookshop software, booksellers can easily identify titles that can be returned based on when they arrived in store, how many have been sold, and how many are currently in stock. We also provide a structured approach to handling returns in a way that is friendly to publishers. Our approach has been tested with booksellers, so we know it’s genuinely useful and meets the requirements of suppliers.
  • Titlepage integration. Our software has been integrated with Titlepage for many years. Our latest integration is even better and more useful for book retailers. And as Titlepage software continues to evolve, so will our integration.

We are grateful to local bookshop customers who have helped us evolve our bookshop POS software over the years, to help it lead into new areas of relevance and value for these vital local shops.

We provide local booksellers with POS software that is designed to help them serve their local communities. Our software helps them position their businesses as locally focused in unique ways, from reader loyalty programs to special interest focus to local club support to bundle offers. We help local bookshops better serve local readers and those who buy for them.

Beyond the shop, our seamless Shopify integration makes it easy for local booksellers to sell online professionally. This enables them to reach shoppers far beyond their local catchment area. We are proud to have delivered bookshop software connected websites that are doing this.

Our locally made bookshop software also includes other tools that booksellers tell us they like, such as:

  • Easy searching of book inventory by title or part of a title.
  • Easy searching by book inventory by author name or part of author name.
  • Pacstream integration.
  • Structured handling of special orders of books.

Book retailing is a challenging industry, with big businesses pushing hard in this space. Our goal with our locally made bookshop software is to help small local retailers compete more successfully every day.

The bookshop POS software we offer today is different to what we will offer tomorrow. We are constantly evolving our software to meet the changing needs of our customers and the bookselling industry.

If you are a local book retailer, we’d love to find out if we could serve your needs.

By Mark
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