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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Game store POS software helps local game shops thrive


The game store POS software from Tower Systems helps local game shops thrive by nurturing:

  • Better and more valuable business decisions.
  • Connecting with and serving local clubs.
  • Reducing dead stock.
  • Accurately and easily managing sales.
  • Bringing shoppers back sooner.
  • Guiding more items each purchased each visit.

This POS software made for game shops has facilities that go deep into the unique needs of game shops.

Game shops are unique and special businesses. Here are some of the ways our game store POS software helps local game shops leverage their uniqueness:

  1. Rare visit loyalty.  We are told that customers visit a game shop infrequently. Our software offers subtle loyalty tools that encourage more value from each visit.
  2. Pre-orders. Easily manage selling products before you have them in-stock. Collectors love these facilities. It works really well for items that are hard to find.
  3. Buy Now Pay Later and LayBy. Through our software you can have both.
  4. Club / collector marketing and support. Leverage clubs and collectors with offers and pricing. Nurture the love of gaming and connecting to this community, and growing the size of the community.
  5. Special orders. With some items ordered in for a customer request, managing these types of orders helps the business to manage opportunities and to capture revenue in advance.
  6. Consignment selling. For customers who ask you to sell their items, you can track this inventory and any sales.
  7. Sell online. It’s easy with our Shopify integration.

Our Australian made and supported game store POS software does much more than this.

We are grateful to the game shops already using our software for their advice and feedback is key to helping us to continue to evolve this game store POS software.

Here’s what’s included in the monthly rental cost: software licences for unlimited computers in the location, help desk support (by phone or email) 6 days a week (including Saturday), access to a comprehensive support knowledge base, after hours support call access for urgent system down queries, access to our Shopify, Xero and other integrations, access to our supplier invoice import tools.

Of course, the game shop POS software from Tower Systems offers much more than this.

Customisable thanks to many user-selectable options, this software helps game shops differentiate from big box retailers. It helps retailers highlight their difference, leverage their specialty knowledge and compete in unique and proven valuable ways.

This POS software is not average POS software that you’d see widely used. It really has been made for local specialty retail, like game shops, to help them leverage being specialty.

By Mark
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