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New free POS software training videos for small business retailers


We are grateful to have published plenty more POS software training videos to our free to access training library. Each video is on a separate topic and compact in time – to get to the point, cover it and provide customers an opportunity to try for themselves.

We have found these short videos to work very well in training local retailers in the use of our POS software.

Here are some of the new videos we have published:

  • Monthly Sales Comparison – the best report for ay retailer looking to understand and grow their business. 
  • Ranked Sales Report – so many options for discovering what’s working and what’s not.
  • Installing Retailer Updates – how, when, where and what.
  • General Stock Listing Report – for those who like old-school.
  • Supplier Stock Listing Report – when you want to hone in on a supplier.
  • Sales Transaction Log – the guts of sales history.
  • Detailed Takings Report – everything you want to know.
  • POS Touch Screen Advanced Settings – make your POS screen your own.
  • How to access and find knowledge base articles (including using F1) – the easy way to get help when you want it.
  • Access Support – Understanding Priority and Logging Support Tickets – tips for the best customer service experience.
  • Importing a Supplier Stockfile – we make it easy, and certain.

These videos and the many others released this year are designed to help you get more from the software for your business. We are grateful for customer feedback on the videos.

POS software training can be a challenge in a retail business with a staff turnover or a roster of casual staff. Our video training library with, now, around 70 new videos offers a resource set that retailers can use to ensure staff are well trained to get more form their Tower Systems POS software.

In publishing this list of most recent training videos produces by us for our POS software customers, we are showing our commitment to customer service. It would be easier to tell, but we prefer to show. facts matter and this list of training videos is real and fresh training content that our small business retailer customers are telling us they love, and we are sincerely grateful for that.

By Mark
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