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What is the best POS system for small retail business?


It’s an interesting question, What is the best POS system for small retail business?, one plenty of local small business retailers ask.

We are Tower Systems We only make POS software for small business retail. We are not chasing big business. We are not chasing franchises with hundreds of shops.

Our focus is on local small business retail, local shops, specialty shops, small business shops.

So when you ask, What is the best POS system for small retail business?, we think a good response has to be – software from a company that makes software for small retail businesses, software from a company that only makes software for small retail businesses.

This is important because if you are a small retail business and you go with software from a company that serves plenty of big chains and big groups, your small business could get lost in the mix, not listened to, forgotten. While their marketing will likely pitch that your business will matter and that you will get personal service, one way big, massive, software companies serve their customers is through offshore services centres and automation.

Retail is personal, local retail especially.

Here at Tower Systems we provide personal service. You see this reflected in our POS software and in the support services to local retailers we provide for our POS software.

Each POS software update includes enhancements suggested directly by our customers. We discuss these with them, and let them know when and how they are proceeding. This direct contact between our software development team and our customers is unique as is the direct, easy and personal contact between our POS software customers and our help desk team – all of whom work for us and are local in Australia and New Zealand.

Okay, well, all of what we have shared so far here is about choosing the best POS software company for a small retail business. In terms of the software itself, it’s easy …

Be sure of what you need and what you want, and know the why s to each of these.

When looking at software, ask them to show you, using their software, how each of your needs is met. Don’t just take their word.

If they say sign up and test it for yourself rather than taking the time to understand your needs and wants and showing you this reflects on the personal service they will, or will not provide.

The best POS system for a local small retail business is the one that serves the needs of the retail at a price that works for the retail business.

Take your time, do your research. Get everything in writing.

This is a long-term decision, one worth taking time over.

By Mark
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