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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

We’re looking for local Aussie wholesalers keen for a better relationship with retailers


Local small business retailers are time-poor.

Too often, wholesalers steal more time with old-school practices, and then they complain when they don’t achieve the sales they want.

Our POS software company, Tower Systems, helps local wholesalers and retailers to work together for mutual benefit.

  • Retailers love electronic invoices for their accuracy and time saved. They also love loading stock files and product image files – saving more time.

  • Wholesalers love the reorder trigger. Retailers love this too when they see revenue lost by not reordering sooner based on projected sales.

  • Wholesalers also love the sales data feed, providing faster feedback on product performance.

  • Retailers love being able to compare supplier performance, side by side.

  • Retailers love loading a catalog without having to key in each item and the special price for the timing of the catalogue.

  • Retailers and suppliers love automation around product returns.

While there are plenty of POS software products in the marketplace, few offer deep and mutually beneficial connectivity for suppliers and retailers.

Here at Tower Systems we understand the value of both sides of the supplier / retailer transactional relationship.

We love helping suppliers grow business from retailers using our software.

We love helping retailers cut suppliers who are not paying their way in the business.

This is all about business after all.

If you are a supplier to local indie retailers, think about your processes and the time commitment you expect from retailers.

If we can help, reach out. We are proud to serve 3,500+ local retailers in Australia.

If you do not provide electronic invoices or an electronic stock file with images, you are costing retailers time. We can help you create electronic invoices to world class standards for not only our POS software but other POS software too.

How retailers feel about a supplier goes beyond the success of the products they supply. The ease and cost of doing business is a key factor. It’s vital you work on that, to make your business more useful, more valuable to retailers.

We own shops and know these things from our own experience. We pursue efficiency and accuracy, hallmarks of local retail success.

By Mark
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