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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Tower Systems first with next generation Linkly Cloud POS software integration


Tower Systems is grateful for the opportunity to work closely with EFTPOS solutions platform Linkly to deliver the first every POS software integration with their next-gen platform: Linkly Cloud V2.

Tower Systems completed formal certification almost 2 weeks ago, the first software company to do so.

In undertaking our software development work for integration with Linkly Cloud we blazed a trail, developing knowledge and assets from which those who follow us will benefit.

This Linkly Cloud integration enhances facilities and options for local small business retailers. It is a beautiful solution that will assist retailer efficiency and business performance.

The POS software / Linkly Cloud integration is available for Tower systems POS software customers for no cost. nThe company funded the development as part of its service of delivering genuine value for its retail business customers.

Tower Systems continues to innovate in the local independent specialty retail space in Australia and New Zealand. This integration with Linkly Cloud V2 is the latest in an evolving series of integrations from the company as it serves retailers with connections that benefit local retail businesses.

Regardless of marketplace, our software is integrated to varying degrees with the following external platforms and opportunities:

  • Tyro broadband EFTPOS.
  • Slyp – digital receipts.
  • Linkly – major bank EFTPOS through this interface.
  • MX51 – links to two major banks currently.
  • Quest.
  • SmartPay.
  • Windcave.
  • Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento and WooCommerce e-commerce.
  • OzBiz accounting software integration and through this to MYOB.
  • AfterPay buy now pay later.
  • Humm buy now pay later.
  • Zip buy now pay later.
  • Message Media text messaging.
  • Message Net text messaging.
  • Govt. approved scale integration.
  • Postec / fuel integration.
  • Epay voucher phonecard sales.
  • Indue CDC (Cashless Debit Card) – product level blocking.
  • DTI – Digital Transaction Intelligence. Electronic receipts.
  • Booksellers book title integration.
  • ChatGPT – for product descriptions.
  • BG and Removal.AI. Image background removal.
  • Deputy, Tanda and PlanDay. Roster services.

This is not the complete list of integrations for our Tower Systems POS software.

Linkly is clear in their mission: Obsessed with creating smooth payment experiences, Linkly delivers superior in-person, online and phone payment moments for all businesses.

Tower Systems is clear in its mission: our purpose is to empower local retailers to thrive.

By Mark
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