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What is in POS software?


What is in POS software? It’s an interesting question. The answer will vary by POS software product and company.

Our definition of POS software for Tower System s is that it is software that helps retailers manage their business from the sales counter through to the back office, from inventory to people to customers.

POS software helps you:

  • Track everything you sell.
  • Report what is not selling.
  • Sell in-store as well as online.
  • Reorder stock.
  • Do a stocktake.
  • Write off stock.
  • See the performance of suppliers.
  • See the performance of staff members.
  • Uncover possible employee fraud.
  • See the impact of shopper theft.
  • See the time off day that things sell.
  • Manage stock where you take multiple items and put them into one item.
  • Track customer buying history.
  • Track seasonal performance.
  • report on what sells with what.
  • Compare the business sales performance across trading periods.
  • Reorder products from a supplier.
  • Create lists of customers to market to.
  • Share product care information with customers.
  • Manage labour spent on repairs.
  • Capture customer age and other details when required for the type of product being purchased.
  • Capture shopper location details for reach reporting.
  • Sell products in fractional quantities when appropriate.
  • Track product serial numbers when needed.
  • Manage the return of unsold items to a supplier.
  • Feed data to accounting software integrated with the POS software.
  • Connect with employee roster software.
  • Manage customer data at a family level.
  • Reward loyal shoppers.
  • Fundraise for local community groups and charities.
  • Track sales of products held on behalf of others.

Good POS software does all of this and more in service of local retail businesses looking to save time and money in their operation.

The answer to the question of what is POS software does vary based on software company as well as the nature off the business asking the question.

The thing is, good POS software is flexible, packed with options from which you can select to ultimately craft a software solution that serves then needs of your own local retail business. This is what you want when you bring in POS software, flexibility f=that the software can do more as you understand more about what you can do in and for your retail business.

By Mark
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