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What do accountants know about POS software for retail businesses?


If you accountant does not own and run a retail business, they may not have the best advice as to the best POS software for your retail shop.

A retailer told us that their accountant told them they should be using a particular software product to run their retail shop.  The software the accountant recommended has not beed made for for that type of business. Also, it did not connect with any of the suppliers to the business. businesses. It does not connect with any suppliers.

The accountant ant liked the software because they had two other clients, in a different type of retail business, using the software. They knew the software. The advice from the accountant was about them and not their client’s needs.

While an accountant can speak to the usefulness of accounting related reports from POS software, it is unlikely that most will have the experience necessary to give good advice on the usefulness of POS software for a specialty retail business.

Retail businesses needs POS software with functions that serve their business, workflow that suits the type of business, connectivity to suppliers of the business, and plenty more that relates to the type of business. The software delivered the most benefits to a business when it serves the needs of the business.

Now, if the software feeds data to accounting software, that is what should matter most to an accountant.

Rarely will an external accountant have the practical experience with your specific type of business to provide good advice specific to your business needs, beyond accounting system interface needs.

By all means, rely on your accountant for accounting software advice like Xero versus MYOB, as that is in their wheelhouse. Given that smart POS software seamlessly links with Xero, MYOB and Quicken, the newsagency software you run or the specialty retail management software other specialty retailers run is best left to the experts in your business.

The easiest software Tower Systems can sell against is the generic POS software sold to a specialty channel retailer because once the retailer sees facilities that serve their needs the decision is easier. For newsagents, that is connections that serve in managing magazines, newspapers, meeting cards, stationery and more.

By Mark
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