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Why is local retail important to the local community?


The question is: Why is local retail important to the local community?

Local retail matters to local shoppers for plenty of reasons with the most important being the shared interests of those living in and relying on the local community.

Local retailers are a terrific source of jobs for locals.

Local retailers are well positioned to offer locally made products.

Local retailers are more likely to share locally relevant information about the use of their products locally.

Local retailers are more community connected.

Local retailers are local storytellers.

Local retailers shop locally.

Why is local retail important to the local community? It matters for these reasons and plenty more too. It all comes down to what matters to you and those you care about.

If local matters to you, shopping with local retailers will do more to assist and support locally than you are likely to see from a national retailer with a branch or outlet for local sales for try as they might to pitch local the majority of the value they get from locals shipping with them ships away from the local area.

Here at Tower Systems we are a local POS software company serving the needs of local specialty retailers. In our POS software we help local retailers embrace and serve the local community.

By local retailers we mean independent retailers, specialty retailers, small business retailers. We believe in local. We know local matters to locals and that local is where community flourishes.

At its heart, local retail embodies the local community.

Local retail is important to the local community because local retail is local. In plenty of local communities this is vital for the economic sustenance of the community and its people. Local businesses engage in practical ways big businesses can’t. This is the difference between the two.

If we think but where we live, what we like about it and what matters, local retail will be an important factor, one to consider when asking ourselves where we wish to shop. Your decision where to shop can make a big difference to local businesses, those who work in them and those locally that the businesses help along the way.

By Mark
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