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1% EFTPOS fee helps local small business retailers save money


When it comes to EFTPOS provider choice, this is a decision each retailer should make for themselves.

Good POS software seamlessly connects with a range of EFTPOS solutions, making the choice easy for the retailer. Good POS software lets you choose the EFTPOS payments processor that suits your business.

Tower Systems does not require retailers using its POS software to deal with any specific bank or any specific EFTPOS payments processor. Tower Systems customers can choose the bank for EFTPOS that best serves their needs. There is no charge whatsoever levied against customers related to business transactions.

Transacting EFTPOS payments through CBA, NAB, Westpac, ANZ, Suncorp, Tyro and others is easy with the integrated EFTPOS solution available to retailers using the Tower Systems POS software.

  • Fewer keystrokes = faster and fewer mistakes.
  • Integrated EFTPOS means easier accounting and easier transaction reconciliation.
  • Integrated EFTPOS through Tower Systems means the retailer chooses what is right for their business.

When choosing POS software for your business it is vital that you ask the question about integrated EFTPOS and discover whether you have choice and whether there are any fees associated with EFTPOS transactions, fees that flow to the POS software company. This matters because it is best that your POS software company makes money from POS software and not from the transactions that you put through your business -0 your growth, your success, is yours to enjoy and celebrate.

Now when it comes to choosing EFTPOS payments processing for your business it’s important to consider your specific needs and budget. Factors like business size, transaction volume, and POS software compatibility should be taken into account. Tower Systems offers excellent compatibility with its POS software when it comes the EFTPOS payments processing for your business.

Tower Systems offers local retailers access to wonderful benefits:

  • Fast checkout: Eliminates manual data entry, as the transaction amount automatically transfers from POS to EFTPOS terminal, leading to faster transactions and shorter queues.
  • Reduced errors: No manual keying, cutting human error and ensuring accurate transactions.
  • Improved staff productivity: Staff can focus on customer service instead of manually entering payment details.
  • Seamless payment experience: Customers can tap, swipe, or insert their card directly at the EFTPOS terminal without switching screens, creating a smooth and intuitive experience.
  • Reduced contact: Cost the need for customers and staff to handle physical terminals, enhancing hygiene and potentially aiding social distancing efforts.
  • Enhanced security: Data transfers directly between POS and EFTPOS, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorised access.

Tower Systems is grateful to offer retailers choice when it comes to EFTPOS payments processing from within POS software and to do this without penalty cost.

By Mark
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