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How much does a POS system cost?


This is a good question, one that needs to be asked and answered.

The cost of a good POS system should be easy to understand, straightforward. The think is, too often it is not straightforward to see what a good POS system costs. Some POS companies have hidden costs, extra costs and transactional costs based on sales you put through the system.

Today, in February 2024, a POS system would typically cost no more $250 a month. This should include access to the software, customer support, access to online training videos and access to a searchable knowledge base, which is like a manual.

So in answer to the question of what does a POS system cost, the answer is no more than $250.00 a month. There should be no charge or fee related to the transactions done by the business using the POS system. The software company should make money from the software rental itself, leaving the retail business to make its money from its retail sales.

When considering the cost of a POS system you have to look at any and all costs a software company may levy on you, directly or indirectly. Here are some things to consider:

Does a POS software company require you to use a specific EFTPOS payments platform? If so, what are they making from it? And, what are the financial consequences for you if you do not use the platform?

Does your POS software company need the use of external apps and resources to do what you want and if so are there costs associated with these?

What is the pricing history for POS software you are considering? Has it gone us and if so when and by how much?

Is the price for the POS system quoted inclusive of GST? Not everyone quotes including GST.

Can you choose your own hardware? Good POS software companies encourage this.

Does your POS software company require you to sign a long-term contract? They should not. You should be able to rent the software for as long, or shot, as you like. You should be able to end the rental at any time. One company requires you to sign an agreement for at least two years but it is not usually evident that they are doing this.

How much does a POS system cost? Our advice is to ask questions, do your homework and only go with a company that has the right software for you at a price you are prepared to pay.

By Mark
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