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Retailers should choose the payments platform that serves their business


Payments is a hot topic for retailers, especially local small business retailers. There is a big difference between payments platforms in terms of cost and operational benefits.

Plenty of noise has been made about unified payments, payments integrated with the POS software. Some of the talk has referred to this as groundbreaking.

The reality is that integrated payments was groundbreaking when launched sixteen years ago. It cut keystrokes, cut mistakes, reduced fraud and saved time at the sales counter. Since its launch in Australia in 2008 it has continued to improve.

Tower, software companies like Tower Systems offer unified (integrated) payments wth all the major banks and plenty of others.

We provide retailers with choice.

Being able to choose the payments platform that suits your specific business can result in a payments cost that is a third or more lower than the typical cost.

We have retailers today paying .7% for payments. This is nice and low, and it is via our Tower Systems POS software payments platform.

We don’t lock our customers in. We believe they should be able to choose the payments platform that best suits their needs. We believe that as a POS software company we should make our money from our POS software and not as a percentage of each transaction processed by our customers.

In our opinion, software companies that make money off of each transaction processed by a retailer is wrong, unfair. The retailer has worked hard to win the business. Charging a percentage for the POS software company is like a tax, a revenue grab for a tech business that did not win the shopper in the retail business.

Tower Systems offers:

  • Integrated EFTPOS payments.
  • Support for all major banks and financial institutions.
  • Integrated payments for buy now pay later.
  • Time saved.
  • less mistakes at the counter.
  • Easy record keeping.
  • Streamlined workflow.

We have been doing this since integrated payments began. We offered choice then and continue to offer choice today. Our sole focus is to provide access to software retailers love.

Tower Systems is grateful to serve more than 3,500 local small business retailers in Australia, New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

By Mark
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