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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Tower Systems is a good alternative to Lightspeed and here’s why


Tower Systems develops software locally for local retailers in Australia and New Zealand. Our customer service is local too.

Our focus is solely on local small business retailers.

We have no requirement as to the payments platform you use. We don’t charge a percentage of each transaction.

We’re not chasing big businesses. We’re not chasing massive franchise networks.

Every customer matters.

No business is too small.

We believe in human-to-human contact. You can easy call us, or email. Humans respond.

Every one of our POS software customers gets to vote of software enhancement suggestions. Our consideration process is transparent and accessible to those who care about this.

Are you a Lightspeed user frustrated with their recent push towards their own payment processing platform and the associated fees? You’re not alone. In our direct experience, many Lightspeed software customers are looking for alternatives that offer more freedom and flexibility.

Tower Systems could be the aternative to Lightspeed you’ve been looking for.

Here’s why Tower Systems stands as an alternative to Lightspeed:

  • Freedom of Choice with Payment Processing: Unlike Lightspeed, Tower Systems doesn’t restrict you on your payment processing solution. You can choose the EFTPOS platform that best suits your needs and budget, without incurring any penalty fees.
  • Focus on Retail Expertise: Tower Systems is a specialist solution for niche retailers, including jewellers, garden centers, toy shops, bike shops, game shops, fishing and outdoors shops, gift shops, produce businesses, firearms dealers, music shops, coin dealers, and pet shops. The Tower Systems POS software is designed with the specific needs of these businesses in mind, potentially offering a more tailored user experience compared to Lightspeed’s broader approach.
  • Competitive Pricing: While a direct cost comparison requires investigating both vendors based on your specific needs, Tower Systems positions itself as a budget-friendly option compared to Lightspeed, especially if you factor in the potential savings from choosing your own payment processor.

Ultimately, the best POS system for your business depends on your specific needs and priorities. Tower Systems offers a strong alternative to Lightspeed, particularly for those seeking more freedom in payment processing and a potentially more specialised feature set for certain retail sectors.

Do your research, compare the functionality of different software products. Learn about the total cost of ownership. Understand any costs associated with transactions in your business.

If you are Lightspeed customer, what Tower Systems offers may be of use to your business. Our promise is that we will not pressure you to choose us, ever.

By Mark
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