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Comparing Square POS to Tower Systems POS software


There is no point in comparing Square POS software to the Tower Systems POS software as they are two very different products created for very different purposes.

Tower Systems offers feature-rich POS software for local independent specialty retail businesses that want a software partner to help way beyond tracking sales and inventory, transacting EFTPOS payments and connecting to an online store.

Square does these things. It was created as a platform for easily capturing sales data from anywhere. It does that well.

Tower Systems is an Australian software company making POS software for local specialty retail businesses in Australia, New Zealand and nearby. As a local company we pay taxes locally, hire locally and engage with the local community.

Square is a massive overseas corporation. We don’t know their tax arrangements. We also done;t know where their software is made and supported from.

At Tower Systems every customer matters, every customer has direct access to us.

At Square, they charge as a percentage of each sales transaction. At Tower Systems you pay a low monthly rental fee.

Square serves more than 2 million businesses. Tower Systems serves 3,500+. Every customer is vitally important to us.

Let’s compare the software. We can really only speak to Tower. Here’s some of what we offer in our specialty retail software:

  • Sell by length or weight.
  • Track products by variants: colour, size and style.
  • Manage repairs: internal and external.
  • Sell secondhand goods.
  • Do product valuations.
  • Support club pricing for local group members, like school families.
  • Age check for appropriate products.
  • Handle special orders for customers.
  • Manage LayBy or link easily with buy now pay later.
  • Sell from in the shop, from a truck, from a local market, anywhere.
  • Connect with Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce, WooCommerce.
  • Integrate with ANZ, Commbank, Westpac, NAB, Tyro and plenty of other local payment options.
  • Link electronically with suppliers.
  • Integrate your roster: Tanda, deputy and Planday.
  • Manage product delivery locally.
  • Integrate with Allotrac for enhanced delivery management.
  • Integrate with book database for bookshops.
  • Manage product returns to suppliers.
  • Handle the sale and billing of subscriptions.
  • Link to TheLott for selling lottery tickets.
  • ChatGPT integration for smart product descriptions.
  • International barcode lookup for easily finding product details.
  • Target customers based on past purchases.

The Tower Systems POS software does so much more than what is on this list. It is comprehensive POS software that is regularly enhanced in a process that is transparent and engaging with customers. Local small business retailers get to have a say in software enhancements.

So, how does the Tower Systems POS software compare with Square? Take a look for yourself. Have a demonstration of both products. Compare them side by side. Dao this while completing the type of transactions that matter to you for your business. Bring to the demonstration a list of what matters to you for you and your business.

The critical thing is that you choose software that serves your needs, software that is a solution for your business. If Square is that software, go for it. If Tower Systems offers that software, go for it. The key is for you to make an informed decision and that starts with you comparing Square software with products like POS software from Tower Systems.

By Mark
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