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Pop-up store POS software helps retailers easily embrace the pop-up opportunity


Pop-up retail is as popular as ever with landlords keen to fill vacant shops and retailers keen to reach new shoppers.

Keys to to successful pop-up retail are getting up and running quickly, tracking all inventory and sales and handling this with as small an overhead for the business as possible. Tower Systems can help with this because we have years of experience in pop-up retail ourselves in our own shops and through helping other retailers with our pop-up retail POS software.

The Tower Systems pop-up retail POS software solution is called Retailer Roam. Retailer Roam is a web service made for pop-up retail.

Retailer Roam is a web-based POS system accessible from any web browser on a device like an iPad or tablet. This eliminates the need for bulky hardware setups, ideal for pop-up shops with limited space.

Even without an internet connection, Retailer Roam allows processing sales. Transactions are then automatically synced when you reconnect, ensuring business continuity even in pop-up locations with unreliable internet.

Tower Systems prioritises small businesses, and pop-up shops often fall under this category. Their understanding of small business needs might translate to helpful features and customer support tailored for pop-up retailers.

We have retailers using Retailer Roam outside of traditional pop-up retail settings. For example, one client uses it on their4 fleet of trucks for selling bulk garden supplies while another uses it in the various markets they travel top sell their wares. Retailer Roam is flexible in terms of where it can be used and what it offers, it goes way beyond the traditional pop-up retail situation, making it a versatile software solution for today’s versatile retail needs.

Traditionally, POS systems restrict sales to a designated counter area. Retailer Roam empowers you to conduct business anywhere within your shop or even beyond. Imagine processing sales at an outpost within a larger market or taking payments directly from customers while they browse. This mobility can enhance customer service and potentially increase sales.

Retailer Roam offers a versatile and mobile POS solution for retailers who need to operate outside the confines of a traditional store setup. Its affordability, ease of use, and offline functionality make it a strong contender for pop-up shops,market vendors, and businesses looking for more flexibility in their point-of-sale operations.

By Mark
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