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Streamline your antique business with software from Tower Systems


For antique shop owners, managing a treasure trove of unique items and many different suppliers can be a demanding task. Keeping track of inventory, handling sales, and engaging customers requires a system that’s both efficient and adaptable. Tower Systems offers an antique shop software solution designed to address these specific needs.

Here is some of what the antique shop software from Tower Systems offers:

  • Manage buying secondhand goods if that is something you offer.
  • Easily track individual items and entire collections. You can monitor stock levels, identify which items are low, and even track suppliers or consignors for each piece.
  • Manage sales with ease, whether it’s a single antique or a collection. The software can track sales by item, customer, or date range, providing valuable insights into buying trends.
  • Build stronger customer connections by storing contact information,purchase history, and preferences. This allows for targeted marketing efforts and personalised service.
  • ¬†Expand your reach beyond the physical shop by integrating with popular online platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce.

Using the Tower Systems software for antique businesses you are able to automate tasks and calculations, freeing up staff time to focus on customer service or curating the collection. With readily available customer data, staff can provide a more personalised shopping experience and cater to specific interests. You get to maintain accurate records of sales, inventory, and customer interactions, simplifying audits and reporting. Thanks to innovation in the software you can easily gain insights from sales trends and customer data to make informed choices about buying, pricing, and marketing strategies.

The Tower Systems POS software is Australian-made and supported. we’re an accessible business, here to serve you from a help desk perspective as much as from a business performance management and understanding perspective. By implementing Tower Systems’ software, antique shop owners can streamline operations, gain valuable insights, and ultimately create a more enjoyable and successful business.

Only you can decide if this or any software is right for your business. Take your time, determine your needs, then have a personal demonstration of the software to explore your needs in the context of what the Tower Systems software for antique shops offers.

By Mark
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