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POS software on show at Auckland NZ Gift fair in August


We are grateful to have been accepted into the Auckland Gift Fair in August this year. We are looking forward to catching up with existing customers and making new connections.

This is not our first Gift Fair in Auckland. It’s been a good trade show for us over the years and New Zealand is home to many retail businesses we are grateful to serve.

This year at the Auckland Gift Fair we will be showing off new tech solutions for retailers:

  • The sell anywhere anytime POS solution.
  • An awesome self checkout solution.
  • Our new business insights platform.
  • Our new quote and invoice management tools.
  • Our new POS software.

These facilities and more will feature on our stand and in our discussions with New Zealand retailers who visit the Auckland Gift Fair.

We are thankful to our New Zealand based POS software customers for their advice, and for their active participation in the constant evolution of our POS software.

From online POS software user meetings to local New Zealand user meet-ups, to trade show catch-ups (like the Auckland gift fair), to one on one contact, we offer many connection opportunities with retailers using our POS software.

And while we are an Australian company, our service of our NZ retailer customers is the same as it is everywhere. This is thanks to our extended operating hours and the comprehensive kit of resources we offer our POS software customers for learning, suggesting enhancements and  connecting with our help desk team.

We have done New Zealand specific integrations to enable our POS software to better serve New Zealand business needs. The Smart Pay EFTPOS integration was one such project. This was delivered free to our customers once we passed the rigorous certification and in-field testing. There are other examples like this – New Zealand retailer let integrations with our POS software.

If you are a New Zealand retailer keen to find a POS solution for your retail business, we’re here for you. Our toll free number is 0800 444 367.

By Mark
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