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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Owning and running retail shops helps us make better POS software for our small business retail customers


Join us on a quick walk through one of the retail shops we own, where we play with the POS software we make, to help us provide better software to our small business retail customers.

We bought our first shop in February 1996, to provide practical experience to all in our POS software company. ¬†We’ve owned newsagencies ever since. It’s been wonderfully useful, and enjoyable.

Filmed June 19, 2024, this video is a walk through newsXpress Mount Waverley, a small format high street shop focussed on gifts.

This business used to identify as a newsagency. Not any more. Today, it’s a place where people can find hugs and celebrate those they love. What it offers is covered in the website we built for the shop:

From Squishmallows to Jellycat to ravensberger jigsaws to awesome blind boxes to Nee Doh, this shop is packed with many categories of adorable and fun items people can buy for themselves and for others.

We have used this shop as a test bed for developing a range of software enhancements designed to help local independent small business retailers run more successful businesses.

We use our POS software in this Mount Waverley business to guide the evolution of the business, picking trends, guiding product adjacencies, determine floorspace allocation, selling online and plenty more. This everyday use of the software ourselves helps inform software development decisions – not to replace user guidance and feedback though. Our own shop sometimes helps us see first-hand what others describe and this can speed the path of enhancement.

Lots of POS software companies claim to have bene started because there was not software there to serve a need. While it’s a nice story, there is usually little evidence of the search undertaken.

Our approach of entering retail ourselves started in 1996 and continues today, beneficially for us and for our customers. We have three physical shops today and seven online businesses. Each of these helps us create better software, provide more meaningful customer service and serve our local communities.

Tower Systems is a small business focussed POS software company developing, and supporting POS software for niche specialty retailers. Jewellers, garden centres, bike shops, toy shops, produce businesses, farm supply businesses, fishing shops, pet shops, charity businesses, landscape gardening businesses, antique shops, sewing shops, haberdashery businesses, newsagents and more benefit from this software.

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