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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Computer shops have unique needs when it comes to POS software for their businesses


Local computer shops need more than basic point of sale software when it comes running their businesses efficiently. Their needs are specialist and complex and hard to solve for many POS software solutions.

Tower Systems is grateful to serve many local computer shops with its computer shop software. This is software made for these businesses, software rich in functionality in service of helping local computer shops have the flexibility their customers demand. It is software the continues to evolve. For example, a complete re-write of the quote and invoice management facilities have delivered net new functionality to computer shops that enables them to offer customers expanded services and thereby making their businesses more appealing.

We understand some of the unique challenges faced by computer shops. From managing intricate builds and special orders to tracking inventory and streamlining customer service, Tower Systems POS has all the features you need. We don’t understand everything though. We are grateful to computer shop owners and staff who show us new needs as we can learn from these to deliver better solutions.

Here are some ways the Tower Systems computer shop software has been found to benefit:

  • Processing sales is straightforward, accurate, easy. Ring up customers quickly and accurately, with features like product bundling and special order management.
  • Save time and streamline your supply chain with supplier links for electronic invoices and stock files. Easily track orders, manage stock levels, and ensure you always have the parts you need.
  • Make business decisions based on facts resented in several forms for your easy access. Identify trends, track performance, and make data-driven decisions to optimise your operations and maximise profits.
  • Build stronger customer relationships with our integrated loyalty programs – you choose the loyalty approach that best serves your needs.
  • Our support team is local, knowledgable and on hand to answer your questions and provide assistance. You get the benefit of local, human-delivered support, not just a faceless online portal.

Tower Systems goes beyond traditional POS systems. We offer additional features specifically designed for computer shops, such as:

  • Serial Number Tracking: Keep tabs on valuable inventory with our trusted serial number tracking system.
  • Quote and Invoice Management: Create professional quotes and invoices for your customers, with tools designed specifically for computer repair services.
  • Custom PC Build Management: Simplify the process of building custom PCs for customers. Track components,manage costs, and ensure a smooth and efficient build process.

At Tower Systems, we believe in supporting local businesses. Our software is designed and developed right here in Australia, with the specific needs of Aussie computer shops in mind.

By Mark
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