There is software pet shops can use and then there is specialist pet shop software. Here at Tower Systems we develop specialist pet shop software. We work with pet shop suppliers, pet shop groups, the pet industry association and other leaders in the field at a level at which no other software company does.

While anyone can say they sell pet shop software, it takes hard work and dedication to deliver genuinely specialist software and to back this with knowledgeable specialist support.

How are we different: we have a position in our company that manages pet supplier relationships, we partner exclusive with one of the largest retail buying groups, we sponsor the peak industry association. These alone separate us from others. Then there is our software itself – the latest release just a few weeks old has more specialist facilities for pet retailers, facilities developed in consultation with pet retailers – helping pet retailers themselves specialise in what they offer through their businesses.

We offer what no other POS software company can offer pet retailers: the Tower AdvantageTM.