Talk to any independent retailer and they will tell you that the success of their business often depends on the personal service they provide. The more engaged and personal service provided the more enjoyable and memorable the experience. This is how independent retail businesses grow – sale by sale, engagement by engagement.

Tower Systems provides in its POS software facilities through which a retail business can drive better personalisation and deeper engagement.

From a personal note based on a specific purchase to a recognition of a birthday to advice for a specific product purchased, retailers using the smart POS software from Tower are able to enjoy facilities that enable more attuned focus on the personal.

While general POS software programs transact sales and do the basics, it is software like that from Tower Systems that is designed for selected independent retail channels that delivers a deeper engagement for shoppers and retailers.

Retail is personal. Smart software should help retailers leverage the personal for the benefit of the business.

This is another example of the Tower AdvantageTM.