We have been helping another retailer switch from another POS solution to POS software from Tower Systems. In helping with the transition we have got to hear stories about their previous experience. The most damning is the having to wait two days to get a call back on a software issue which was harming their business.

The issue was a financial error made in the software which was not enabling them to complete their financials and thereby settle on the sale of the business.

The POS company they were using was not responding ofr the times they did respond the help was not of use, the help desk people seemed to not care about the financial cost of what appeared to be a bug in the software.

The owner of the business estimates that the software they switched from had cost them tens of thousands of dollars.

Using our software now they have accurate financial data and are able to move forward on their business plans. They were happy to throw away their other POS software and pay for our software because of the resolution it brought to the issues the other company was ot resolving.