Bike shops matter.

While people can buy bikes online, buying a bike from a real shop from a real person, someone to whom you can speak, it better for you, better for the future of bikes and better for the community.

Your local bike shop employs local people. Those people have local knowledge. You can build a relationship with them.

Buy online and sure you might have a name but is it real? Sure you might save money but does anything you spend get invested in your country or your local community.

Local bike shops employ people who love bikes and love riding. They share your passion. Your purchase is part of their passion.

An online bike shop cares about shipping packages. That’s all. It could be they have a bunch of online shops selling a bunch of categories of products. Where are you in that situation.

Local bike shops provide local services. Most have experienced mechanics servicing your bikes. Try and do this online.

Here at Tower Systems we are proud to support local bike shops and encourage you to shop local when buying your next bike.

The Tower Systems bike shop software is the most widely used bike shop specific software in Australia.