POS software companies which focus on the small and independent retail sector are different in many ways. From the software itself through to customer service, differences abound.

Retailers considering POS software need to compare carefully, they need to compare for themselves. Don’t believe what you are told – ask for proof, especially if it a claim about a competitor.

One POS software company recently made a claim which was not true and had the retailer not sought out information for themselves they could have made a purchase decision based on a lie.

Here at Tower Systems we are transparent and open business. We prove our customer service commitment through these touchpoint which we have offered and supported for years:

  1. An online library of more than 130 training videos.
  2. A searchable knowledge base with hundreds of articles.
  3. Weekly free training workshops.
  4. Free one on one training.
  5. Regional user meetings.
  6. Saturday office-based support.
  7. Local capital city phone number support.
  8. A documented escalation process.
  9. Easy access to senior management.
  10. Everyday help for independent small business retail.

We love opportunities to show what we can do on the table next to any other software. Such a function by function comparison is valuable to all concerned.