Helping small business retailers confront a theft situation

If you believe you are being stolen in your retail business from and not sure what to do next you can turn to us for help. Sure, we are a software company – but we are also experts at helping small business retailers deal with and confront theft.

We provide a service to retailers using our POS software as part of our Tower AdvantageTM service where we will go through your data and look for patterns consistent with theft.

Our senior management team has been helping clients uncover theft for over 20 years and we know all the signs to look for. We will give you a report on all of our findings, make some recommendations and have in the past appeared in court to give evidence on theft matters.

Contact our support team and let them know you would like a theft check performed and we will guide you from there.

We will treat your contact serious and immediately escalate it to a senior member of our team who will discuss with you your situation and suggest the next appropriate steps. We handle theft reports outside the usual help desk area of the business for your security and to bring to the report our most experienced people.

Category: Employee Theft

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