Helping small business retailers promote and manage LayBy services to drive sales

LayBy is an important tool for small business retailers in a range of vertical channels. Offering LayBy can attract shoppers and drive revenue. For this to happen, the LayBy service must be well run, tightly controlled, so as to maximise the benefit for the retailer while maintaining a focus of service for the customer.

Using the Tower Systems POS software, small business retailers are able to efficiently manage the LayBy offer from operational rules to shopper documentation to follow up to knowing where a LayBy is at any point of time.

Whereas in the past small business retailers would manually write up and track LayBys, using the Tower software small business retailers are able to handle this professionally with:

  1. Consistent LayBy rules applied to every transaction.
  2. Ensuring all details are gathered.
  3. Gathering the correct deposit.
  4. Recording the location of the LayBy.
  5. Handling a shopper deciding not to complete the LayBy.
  6. Dealing with a change in the mix of products on LayBy.

Offering small business retailers consistency around the creation and management of LayBys drives business efficiency, improves employee confidence and delivers to shoppers a solution they are sure to love.

We have retailers using the Tower Systems LayBy services as a point of difference for their business, a marketing opportunity through which they are able to drive traffic and sales.

We are thrilled to be part of such success stories and love hea4ring them.

LayBys continue to evolve with even more enhancements delivered in recent months and more coming soon.

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