Xero goes from strength to strength with excellent recognition by Merchant Maverick.

Reviewer Katherine Miller agrees that Xero truly is beautiful accounting software.

“With clean, generally intuitive interfaces, Xero is an excellent solution for many small businesses’ accounting needs, offering a wealth of features while providing more simplicity and automatic invoicing options than most locally installed programs,” Katherine says.

With more than 1,400 features and updates shipped in the last 12 months, Xero leads the pack when it comes to innovation. Katherine says these updates, which are generally developed by user request, put Xero at the forefront.

“Xero was an early entrant in the rapidly growing field of cloud-based accounting, and the company’s developers work hard to stay ahead of the curve with product updates every 3-6 weeks,” Katherine says.

Here at Tower Systems we love Xero not only because of the smart integration with our POS software but also because of the product itself. We are users so we have first-hand knowledge of the software and its capabilities. It is terrific in its roles and valuable to a business as its needs evolve.

Our Xero interface and small business POS software will be on show at Xerocon in the next ten days in Brisbane. We are excited for the opportunity to show how our partnership with Xero can help small business retailers save time, save money, cut mistakes and nurture better business decisions.