Small business POS software users invited to suggest training topics

Tower Systems in its weekly customer email has invited retailers using our POS software to suggest topics for us to cover in our weekly online training workshops.

While we have topics to cover based on help desk and in-store experiences, we wanted to put the call out to customers to suggest topics so they can guide the curriculum of the next round.

Here is the call we included in yesterday’s customer email:

We are currently planning our October and November free weekly online training workshops. We’d love your topic suggestions so we can ensure we provide content you find useful. Please email your training topic suggestions to we promise to take on board all suggestions.

Every week we run a one hour group workshop. This is what we are calling for topic suggestions for. In addition to this we run free business specific one-on-one training. These sessions are customer specific its topics guided 100% by our customers.

The value of training is clear when we track back results achieved by customers who engage with training on getting more from their software. We are grateful to customers who embrace training.

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