Tower Systems has delivered significant enhancements for the 1,750+ newsagents using its best-practice newsagency software with another major software update.

The company approaches developing software updates with care and consideration, knowing that it is spending customer money, as updates are funded our ion software support fees.

The latest update delivers enhancements in a range of areas of including online, offline, integrations and business efficiency.

Of particular value is supplier engagements of high GP value to newsagents.

As the newsagency channel continues to transition from an old-school approach to something more attuned to retail today, Tower Systems is at the forefront of enhancements thanks to close relationships with suppliers that are helping to lead newsagency business changes.

Helping newsagents be smart in how, when and where they sell is key to where the skilled POS software development at Tower Systems is engaged. This is reflected in this latest POS software update as newsagents are better positioned than ever to help evolve their businesses through the technology partnership.

Newsagent suppliers who have remained rooted in low-margin product areas and who have obligated small business newsagents to inefficient practices are not getting the same attention from the leadership team of Tower as the company is focussed in better margin and new traffic.

This is where the company sees the newsagency of the future.

The number of newsagency businesses switching to Tower reflects a shared view that the Tower Systems approach is the correct approach. We are grateful for these relationships and remain committed to helping newsagents thrive through change.