Tower Systems is a well established software company serving garden centres and nurseries with competent and speciality garden centre management software.

We are well established in this space with loved software that is regularly enhances to serve the specialty needs of garden centre and nursery retailers.

Developed in close consultation with retail business owners and their managers, our garden centre software takes a service-first approach to delivering genuinely useful solutions to these specialty retail businesses.

Using our Garden Centre / Nursery Software you can easily:

  1. Sell products easily, with accuracy and capturing data vital to guiding business decisions.
  2. Handle customer special orders.
  3. Offer Gift Cards. we can also help with professional production of gift cards.
  4. Sell products as hampers / packs / bundles.
  5. Sell products by weight.
  6. Offer LayBys.
  7. As you re-pot plants, easily increase the retail value.
  8. Print product labels for plants outdoors.
  9. Run Sale Catalogues – based on a date range.
  10. Offer traffic-driving shopper loyalty –  $$$ off the next purchase based on rules you set. Successful loyalty offer for independent retailers.
  11. Automatically include local plant care information on receipts.
  12. Offer the more traditional points-based shopper loyalty.
  13. Import electronic invoices and stock files from suppliers.
  14. Reorder based on accurate data – reducing the cost of dead stock.
  15. Handle BOGO: handling Buy One get One Free offers.
  16. Offer MultiBuy – like a coffee card, free product over time … ideal for encouraging habit based shoppers
  17. Save time with the Xero accounting interface – cut bookkeeping costs.
  18. Link to Magento and Shopify – connect to your website.
  19. Save time & cut mistakes with EFTPOS integration.
  20. Save time on stock takes.
  21. Print professional receipts with your logo.
  22. Track product serial numbers.
  23. Age check for items with a minimum age requirement such as chemicals if you sell them
  24. Use up-sell prompts for staff.